Is this what real beauty looks like?

Is this what real beauty looks like?

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What is your concept of normality and the beauty? I really want to write an article about it. But for now please take a look at this article.

Is this what real beauty looks like? 

wheelchair model changing concepts  Samanta bullock
Is this what real beauty looks like?

“Go to Google Images right now,” says photographer Mihaela Noroc, “and search ‘beautiful women’.”

I do as she tells me. Millions of results come back.

“What do you see?” she asks. “Very sexualised images, right?”

Yes. Many of the women in the top pictures are wearing high heels and revealing clothes, and most fit into the same physical mould – young, slim, blonde, perfect skin.

“So beauty all the time is like that,” Mihaela says. “Objectifying women, treating them in a very sexualised way, which is unfortunate.

“Women are not like that. We have our stories, our struggles, our power, but we just need to be represented, because of young women, they see only images like this every day, so they need to have more confidence that they can look the way they look and be considered beautiful.

“But,” she adds, “Google is us, because we are all influencing these images.”

Mihaela has just released her first photography book, Atlas of Beauty, which features 500 of her own portraits of women.



w7 make up wheelchair model giveaway SAMABULLOCK instagram

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The importance of diversity in Fashion:

The importance of diversity in Fashion:

Many people talk about fashion in different ways. For some, fashion is all about glamour, fame, and popularity, for others, it’s about clothes,

Model of diversity Samanta Bullock Wheelchair model
Street Survey in Croydon with MOD

looks and beauty. Fashion is not something that can be defined by one specific definition, although, the one thing everyone would agree on is the fact that fashion includes walking on the ramp and showing off the beauty of what you’re wearing. Throughout the years, fashion has shown diversity in many ways.  At the start, the only models that were allowed to walk on the ramp needed to be white, skinny and good looking. Fortunately, now, people are changing perceptions. With the improvement in time, you see black and plus-sized models as well. One of the most drastic changes that came into the fashion industry was when disabled models starting to show themselves off on the ramp.

A campaign with the name of “Models of Diversity” was started in 2008 by Angel Sinclair, who is a former model herself. She thought that people should think out of the box and bring something new to the typical, old fashion industry and with what she saw was that beauty should not only be defined by same sizes, shapes, and colours. This is why this campaign was started and was a huge success. The main purpose of this campaign was to give a chance to every person who is capable of being a model regardless of her size, color, shape, and disabilities. According to this, every person, who is either in a wheelchair or has lost some of their body parts or is black, overweight, short, is given a chance to light their worlds up by entering this glamorous industry of fashion.

This project is known as Models of diversity because of the amazing change that it has brought into the fashion industry. No one should ever be left behind in doing something they like. It was this project that helped many young and talented disabled models to come forward and move on the ramp with pride. These models include Jack Eyers, Kelly Knox, Muniba Mazari, Danielle Sheypuk, Leslie Irby, and Samanta Bullock and so on. The inclusion of this change into the fashion industry has changed the way people think.

There are no limitations to how you see something. Its all about the perspective. Beauty should not be defined by something specific, it is a vast term and every human is beautiful in their own unique ways. Many people believe that being fashionable or walking on the ramp is only about how you look on the outside, but that’s not true. Being a model requires time, patience, confidence and intelligence and every person who has enough confidence to walk proudly in front of a million people can be a pretty good model! With the right motivation and the right people, you can show yourself off with pride. Everyone deserves to feel special, no matter their disabilities.

So, this is it for today. Stay connected and keep reading because we’ve got plenty more to talk about fashion and disability. Till then keep loving and sharing our articles.