Sailing for Wheelchair Users – A New Experience for me

samanta bullock sailing wheelchair user sport

Hello guys.

How are you doing? A few weeks ago I tried a new sport. I filmed it all so you could understand how I did it.

It was challenging to go on the water and transfer to the boat. They have volunteers to assist and they make your life much easier. I have friends from tennis that invite me all the time but it was through Fiona G that sent a message to my husband on Linkedin and made us very interested.

It is an open session that takes place every Thursday at Queens Mary Sailability here in London. I didn’t know they had that facility. What a great place.

Please take a look at the video and let me know if you have any questions or comments.

samanta bullock sailing wheelchair user sport
With Fiona G.



My Transformation with Evidence Beauty, Max Hair Salon & Jessica Favaro

My Transformation with Evidence Beauty, Max Hair Salon & Jessica Favaro

wheelchair model high light samanta bullock max hair salon
New hair.

Life goes by and sometimes we enter into the routine of doing the same thing over and over again. The routine overtakes us and everything stays on automatic. We may need to stop there and make a change…a new start, a diverse way to see the world, to act and to interact. On this point I am happy to count on wonderful professionals that always help me to connect and rediscover my inner self, bringing me to life and to my point of excellence.

wheelchair model hands high light samanta bullock max hair salon Evidence Beauty looks after my nails, with it a great manicure that not only makes my nails perfect but also looks after my hands, and you know how a wheelchair user’s hands look as we have them on our wheels all the time to move around. We need to take a break and look after the parts of our body that takes us everywhere. Sheila, you are an amazing friend and an amazing professional. I am happy to have you in my path. She always brings me the best chimarrao ( Brazilian Herbal Tea) that makes me feel at home.
wheelchair model high light samanta bullock max hair salon
Max Hair Salon

For a full change I opted to change my hair colour a little and I left it to Julio Rosario, ‘The Wizard of Hair’. Max and Julio are looking after my hair now for the past year.  They did my hair for Fashions Finest in February this year and they always make sure I have a trendy hairstyle for the catwalk. They use the best products and always have lovely smiles on their faces. Even when they are very busy they will find a time to look after my hair. This time he opted to leave me with a special glow in a golden honey style. I would not give my hair to anyone, especially to do highlights that is a process where we need to always be careful as it can damage the hair very badly, but with these guys, I would trust with closed eyes. I also cut it to give more balance.

After I am done Julio won’t permit me to leave without a completely new look and that is where Jessica Favaro comes in. She gives classes for makeup artists and she makes a canvas on our face and transforms it into the most beautiful portrait ever. Every detail counts to her. At the end it is perfection.

I hope you can see all of this in the video and make your own conclusions.  Love you guys and thank you for looking after me with such care.


hair wheelchair model high light samanta bullock max hair salon

wheelchair model high light samanta bullock max hair salon
Evidence Beauty & Max Hair Salon & Jessica Favaro
London Organic – What Fascinates Me About Working with Them

London Organic – What Fascinates Me About Working with Them

wheelchair model samanta bullock fashion show
London Organic PR

The fashion industry in the UK is booming more than ever, and that’s because of all the amazing designers, labels, brands and models. But, a major factor in why UK designers get so much exposure is down to PR companies that work tirelessly to push them further. Now, recently I was fortunate enough to collaborate with a wonderful PR company called London Organic.

Predominantly, they work with UK designers that are unique and stand out from the crowd. They love labels that reflect the British fashion culture with amazing style, while also representing each and every diverse group that exists in London. Personally, when I was working alongside London Organic, I was mesmerized by the way they actually support different designers.

champagne samanta bullock wheelchair model
Champagne at London Ethnic Event

They literally cover every angle; whether it’s assisting with production so that items are showcased in the best light, conducting photo shoots that capture creativity or advertising the label on social media, they leave no stone unturned. Now, when I met London Organic, it was at a pop-up boutique.

So, the first way I joined forces with them was to take part in some of their photo shoots. This was brilliant, because not only did I get to try on a vast array of different pieces, I also got to see behind the scenes of a London Organic shoot. Judging by the quality of pieces that I got to adorn during the photoshoot, you can tell that the renowned PR company take great time to carefully select who they support.

Of course, their speciality lies in helping emerging talent reach the top, but they still ensure that the labels they work with produce top class items. All throughout the shoot, London Organic displayed a sense of pride in every single designer that is under their wing, which is fantastic because that attitude is what’s going to help UK fashion continue to thrive.

samanta bullock wheelchair model
London Organic PR Pict: Sikandarphotowala

Other than being part of the photo shoot, I also got to check out some of their products which they make themselves. Their products mainly revolve around organic face and skin creams; flawless skin complements fashion pieces and adds to the overall beauty during a shoot. I’ve got to say, I was super impressed by all of their products.

Why? Because not only did they smell divine and feel fabulous, they were full of natural ingredients which will only benefit your body. Nowadays, there’s too many companies within the fashion industry that produce chemical-based creams, which I believe isn’t a good thing. Therefore, it was nice to see London Organic focusing on being fully organic.

London organic PR samanta bullock wheelchair model
London Organic PR Picture by Akhussainphotography

My day with London Organic at the pop-up boutique was very fulfilling, and I had a tremendous time being part of the photo shoot, meeting all of the designers, and exploring their range of face and skin creams. If you’re a designer that needs help to progress, or you’re someone that wants a lovely, natural skin cream, then I’d highly recommend London Organic!