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Paralympian achieves her dream of taking part in a London Fashion Week show

Layla Haidrani for Metro.co.uk

wheelchair model Samanta Bullock Parlympian disabled
Wheelchair Model

If you’re still proud you won the Year 8 award for long jump, a Paralympian has put you to shame. Samanta Bullock finally achieved her dream of appearing on London Fashion Week after being told wheelchair users couldn’t model. The 39-year-old from London always longed to walk the catwalk but cast aside her modelling ambitions after frequent rejections because she couldn’t walk. When Bullock was fourteen, she accidentally shot herself with her father’s shotgun, severing her spinal cord as well as damaging her liver and pancreas.

But her modelling dreams were finally answered when she became an ambassador for charity Models of Diversity and paraded down the catwalk of London Fashion Week, fulfilling the goal she clung to for over three decades.

Wheelchair user model samanta bullock
Disabled Model

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