Article on How I Deal with the Tough Times. Article on How I Deal with the Tough Times.

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I have been featured in an article from called “Pushing for inclusion – Samanta Bullock’s mission”. Here’s a chance to know me and my story a little bit better.

samanta bullock interview blog mobile woman wheelchair model inclusion

I have answered some questions where I talk about how I deal with the tough times with some advice for someone with a recent injury or disability, as well as sharing some exciting future projects. I opened up about my background as a tennis player and a model, my passions and motivations, and so much more!

My disability hasn’t stopped me from chasing my dreams and neither should yours. I am on a journey to make fashion more accessible to everyone, and to create a positive impact in the world. Disabled people have the right to be represented and treated as equal.

samanta bullock interview blog mobile woman wheelchair model inclusion

It was lovely to share my story with They are doing such a great work expanding horizons for women in wheelchairs. On the website you can find information on topics like health, sexuality, parenting, fashion and others. They are building an online community where people with disabilities can come together to share and learn from one another. There is even a forum where women across the world can share their ideas on different issues, a place to ask questions and get answers. 

To get to know more about my journey and visit

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mik scarlet interview samanta bullock wheelchair user clothes

Mik Scarlet Interview on Fashion for Wheelchair Users

Hi friends.

mik scarlet interview samanta bullock wheelchair user clothes
Mik Scarlet

I really enjoyed talking fashion with fellow Parallel London ambassador Mik Scarlet.  We share thoughts on the best clothes for wheelchair users and Mik talks in a very honest and humorous way about his views on the fashion industry. He gives an insight into his choice of clothes and you may be surprised.  Take a look at the video. Thank you to Parallel London for the use of your meeting room for this interview.

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Wheelchair model Best poses samanta bullock

Best poses for models in wheelchairs

In recent years, many photographers have emerged with an interest in disabled models. Disabled people are working in different fields of the fashion industry including modeling. Models in a wheelchair, while not very different from non-disabled people, possibly have more limited choices of poses with their wheelchairs only allowing adjustments of the upper body in most cases. With growing access to the media and the world around them, this doesn’t stop them from pursuing their dreams of becoming a model or to work in the fashion industry. Many photographers are unsure of how to pose a model in a wheelchair and the pose you choose has a huge impact on the results. Choosing the right pose can make things look beautiful. The best poses for the sitting position when used well make a photograph look good. Wheelchair users also have to consider how to position their wheelchair to create a good pose. There are many angles from which a wheelchair does not look good and therefore getting it into the right position is essential. One of the best angles for this is believed to be at 45 degrees, in which the wheelchair is visible but the person does not look shrunk. One other pose in which picture is taken from the front is also nice, but it often makes the person look short and a little wider. Keeping the back straight, the neck elongated and the shoulders pulled up straight can make a person look taller even in a wheelchair. A pose with the legs slightly crossed gives a feminine look.  

When taking group pictures, one can try to decrease the attention towards the wheelchair. This can be achieved in a variety of ways. A normal routine picture with the wheelchair seated person in the middle with people standing around it draws a lot of attention towards the wheelchair. To lessen this, we can involve people around in different activities so that the highlight of the wheelchair is removed. We can also make them all sit on a master bed or dining table so that no one notices the disabled person. Many such methods involving sitting positions for all models in a photograph are now used for group photography.

A light choice is one very essential element of photography. A soft light is preferred which decreases the shadows, reduces contrast and suppresses texture. The broader is the source, the softer is the light. Also, diffusion scatters the light, making the source broader. If you move the light source away from the subject, less light will fall on your subject, making the background of the subject look brighter. As the angle between the subject and light source increases, the texture becomes more pronounced. Many of these effects and poses can be seen on my Instagram page SAMABULLOCCK.

wheelchair model best poses
Best Poses for Wheelchair Users

The hands of a person in a wheelchair, when resting or doing nothing, can look claw-like. It is preferable to increase the distance between the arms and the body which makes the body look slim. The hands can be utilized in posing as if the person is doing something like fixing their hair or holding the sidearm or anything else. Eyes look very stunning with beautiful light. The size, shape, and brightness of your eye depend upon the light source you used. The way you communicate, connect or direct your model is key to capturing a great expression in her eyes. If she’s distracted or nervous, it will be reflected in her eyes.

A genuine smile can greatly increase the beauty of your picture. A correct Duchenne smile, in which the eye muscles are also involved, is preferred. Showing some teeth, not all, can lighten up your smile. Your smile usually does not look cheerful until you are authentically happy. These are the many suggestions that can make any person, including someone in a wheelchair, look stunning and for such photographs and information, visit my Instagram page SAMABULLOCK