bbc news victoria lucy todd wheelchair model samanta bullock fashions finest louise clark

London Fashion Week Allowed the Industry to Make Huge Progress

bbc news victoria lucy todd wheelchair model samanta bullock fashions finest louise clark
BBC News- Samanta Bullock

For years, the fashion industry has been saturated with stigmas and stereotypes; female models were expected to look a certain type of way. The incredibly thin frame and long legs was considered the perfect appearance. But, that meant every other style of beauty was neglected, and the fashion industry started to become an unhealthy environment.

On a positive note, changes have started to be made in recent times. Those with unique physical traits, disabilities and ‘different’ appearances are now being celebrated more for their beauty. At the last London Fashion Week, diversity was rife. Lucy Todd covered the whole event and composed a wonderful article which was posted on the BBC News website.

Having witnessed the Fashion Week first-hand, it was amazing to see so many individuals having the confidence to step on the catwalk and feel like they belonged there.

wheelchair model samanta bullock fashions finest louise clark
Samanta Bullock Fashions Finest Pict by @storiesbymartin

Moreover, it was refreshing to see the event capture the interest of the mainstream media, which is a huge step in the right direction.

Respected people from within the industry also acknowledged and welcomed the changes that were occurring in the industry. Kate Moss said, “There’s so many different sizes and colours and heights. Why would you just be a one-size model and represent all of these people?” I completely agree with those comments, because beauty shouldn’t be restricted to one category.

Legendary designer Steven Tai was one of those that strived to have an impact by deliberately choosing models that had noticeable skin blemishes or physical disfigurements. However, like Todd’s article discussed, the UK scene is still miles behind the US. New York has been promoting diversity for a while, and actively utilize models of different shapes, sizes and appearances much more frequently than the UK.

I’m proud to say that I was included in the article, which I have to thank Caryn Franklin for. It was great to be at Fashion’s Finest once more and it was made much better being able to wear a stunning collection by Louise Clark. 

wheelchair model samanta bullock fashions finest louise clark
Pict @storiesbymartin
Fashions Finest
Designer Louise Clark

From a personal standpoint, the event was magnificent, and it truly feels like major change is going to happen in the industry. Oh, and it’s crazy to be featured in the article alongside the one and only – Victoria Beckham! 

Check out the article on BBC News if you have a spare couple of minutes.

“If you don’t show people in a wheelchair or disabled people in magazines, it’s like we don’t exist,” she says. “A few years ago it was the same for black people, or gay people. It’s the right thing to do to show all different types of people.  Sam

With Madelaine Stuart / Markus Clarke / Marcela at Fashions Finest
With Madelaine Stuart / Markus Clarke / Marcela at Fashions Finest
Samanta Bullock Gayl Rosanne stuart Fashions Finest Diversity & Fashion Panel

Fashions Finest – Beyond Representation Inclusivity & Fashion – Panel

Hi guys, some new for you here.

Samanta Bullock Fashions Finest Diversity & Fashion Panel
Fashions Finest
Peter Twiss. Pic by
Michael Atkinson

I came here to tell you that today we will be discussing inclusivity at a panel at Fashions Finest. The panel will be at 2pm at the De Vere Grand Connaughts Rooms, 61-65 great Queen Street, Holborn, London  WC28 5DA

The panel is called: Beyond Representation: Inclusivity & Fashion

It will be hosted by Gayle Thompson and I will be part of the panel:

  • Markus Roberts-Clark – model
  • Rosanne Stuart ( Madelaine Stuart’s mum)
  • Sola Oyebade – Chief Evexecutive/Creative Director Mahogany International
  • Frederica Boateng -Fashion Market/Business Lecture Fashions Business Advisor
  • Samanta Bullock – Wheelchair model/Influencer/Activist for inclusion

    Samanta Bullock Gayl Rosanne stuart Fashions Finest Diversity & Fashion Panel
    Fashions Finest
    Diversity & Fashion Panel

It is so important that society is starting to talk about inclusion and representation in the industry.

Thank you to Deborah Saint Louise for opening the doors and being supportive of these matters.

I will try to make a live on my IG.

All day today I was making notes and studying the subject. Here are some numbers:

  • Disabled People are 20% of Population;
  • The fashion Industry loses £420 million per week for not being inclusive;
  • Purple Pound – We have spending power of £250 billion.
Samanta bullock Wheelchair model Fashions Finest Diversity & Fashion Panel
Also e have the Closing Ceremony at 7pm .

You should come to the panel to learn more things and help to make a change.

I will be wearing Gunda_Hafner from top to bottom. The most dynamic and modern designer of all times in my point of view. I collaborated with her and with no doubt she agreed do make me something we both liked. I am sure she also can make for you. I will show you later on.

Also, at the end of the day we have the Soiree, final show and I will be in it. Come and join us and have a good time. Don’t forget to pop by to say hi.

Love you all and thanks always for your support.

Samanta BullockFashions Finest Diversity & Fashion Panel
Fashions Finest
Diversity & Fashion Panel



wheelchair model tennis samanta bullock

Personal Styling for Wheelchair Users with Yvonne Phillips – Part 2

Hello guys,

Here we go, the second video of going through my wardrobe with Yvonne Phillips. This time we made a “private” fashion show only for you, putting a few pieces together and styling them with handbags, shoes and jewellery that we thought would “pop up” the look.

wheelchair model tennis samanta bullock
Samsonite Pict by Roy Ikoroha

The video became too long so I made part 1 with trousers and jumpsuits and next week it will be around tops and jackets. Can’t wait to show you all.

yvonne phillip stylist samanta
Yvonne Phillip – Stylist
samanta bullock wheelchair model diversity wheelair

New Campaign from WheelAIR

Samanta bullock wheelair wheelchair model

WheelAIR just launched today its new campaign. We took these pictures last week in Notting Hill.  It was great fun. The area is so beautiful and very Instagrammy. I will post a few screenshots here but you should go to the WheelAIR website to check it out.

And in case you don’t know what WheelAIR is I will leave the link below for my review of their product that is a cooling backrest for wheelchair users.

samanta bullock wheelchair model wheelair

They always have new articles and very interesting blogs on their website.

I am in love with the results of the photo shoot. I hope you like it too.

samanta bullock wheelchair model diversity wheelair
WheelAIR new photo Shoot

WheelAIR Website:

Don’t forget your £100.00 discount with your “SamantaBullock” voucher. 

Love Sam x