wheelchair model high light samanta bullock max hair salon

My Transformation with Evidence Beauty, Max Hair Salon & Jessica Favaro

wheelchair model high light samanta bullock max hair salon
New hair.

Life goes by and sometimes we enter into the routine of doing the same thing over and over again. The routine overtakes us and everything stays on automatic. We may need to stop there and make a change…a new start, a diverse way to see the world, to act and to interact. On this point I am happy to count on wonderful professionals that always help me to connect and rediscover my inner self, bringing me to life and to my point of excellence.

wheelchair model hands high light samanta bullock max hair salon Evidence Beauty looks after my nails, with it a great manicure that not only makes my nails perfect but also looks after my hands, and you know how a wheelchair user’s hands look as we have them on our wheels all the time to move around. We need to take a break and look after the parts of our body that takes us everywhere. Sheila, you are an amazing friend and an amazing professional. I am happy to have you in my path. She always brings me the best chimarrao ( Brazilian Herbal Tea) that makes me feel at home.
wheelchair model high light samanta bullock max hair salon
Max Hair Salon

For a full change I opted to change my hair colour a little and I left it to Julio Rosario, ‘The Wizard of Hair’. Max and Julio are looking after my hair now for the past year.  They did my hair for Fashions Finest in February this year and they always make sure I have a trendy hairstyle for the catwalk. They use the best products and always have lovely smiles on their faces. Even when they are very busy they will find a time to look after my hair. This time he opted to leave me with a special glow in a golden honey style. I would not give my hair to anyone, especially to do highlights that is a process where we need to always be careful as it can damage the hair very badly, but with these guys, I would trust with closed eyes. I also cut it to give more balance.

After I am done Julio won’t permit me to leave without a completely new look and that is where Jessica Favaro comes in. She gives classes for makeup artists and she makes a canvas on our face and transforms it into the most beautiful portrait ever. Every detail counts to her. At the end it is perfection.

I hope you can see all of this in the video and make your own conclusions.  Love you guys and thank you for looking after me with such care.


hair wheelchair model high light samanta bullock max hair salon

wheelchair model high light samanta bullock max hair salon
Evidence Beauty & Max Hair Salon & Jessica Favaro
wheelchair model vogue samanta bullock . london fashion week

How Diversity Changed Fashion

Hi guys

Just saw an article in Elle magazine, and I would like to share with you the lines that caught my attention.

…”And yet we’re in a moment where fashion is celebrating individuality and having open conversations about racial diversity and gender fluidity. Those discussions are reflected in the casting. Trans model Hari Nef walked the Gucci runway in a show-stopping all red look. Creative Director Alessandro Michele also handed the reigns of the brand’s Snapchat to her so she could record her fashion week adventures.”…

Wheelchair model samanta bullock disabled
Wheeliechix-chic Last Collection – Wheelchair Model


YES! The changing is happening. New designers are coming, with innovation and a totally different set mind.

And here is the point: … “So are times changing? Slowly. An AW16 diversity report from theukfashionspot.co.uk notes that less than a quarter of all the models who walked this season were people of colour. That means that in all four cities combined, 75.25% of the models cast were white…”

As you can see we are still talking about colours, what to say about plus-sized and disabled ?? Yes, things are changing slowly but we need more.

My question is: – What do you suggest for us to make this change and integrate more diversity and equality in the fashion industry?? All comments are welcome.

Lets opening it to debate, I would love to hear your opinion, and maybe together we can find a “solution”.

You can read the full article on the link below: http://www.elleuk.com/fashion/trends/longform/a31200/diversity-in-fashion/


SB x