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Resilience – Article from Adriana Chiari Magazine.

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Here is the article from Adriana Chiari Magazine. It is in Portuguese but I will translate it and post here in case you don’t know the language. Here is the link for the full article in Portuguese. https://adrianachiarimagazine.net/blog/2018/8/2/resiliencia-por-samanta-bullock

Its a funny one as I am giving a talk about resilience in Brazil next month. Here is the link to the event: https://eduzz.com/curso/eEl5/.html?a=60762328

So I realise as everything about me is linked to this subject, so probably I am resilient and happy about that.





Meet the story of the athlete and model Samanta Bullock

"People see the wheelchair as limiting, but it is extremely liberating, because without it I could not get around"

Easy smile, genuine beauty and an enviable disposition to break the world; so is Samanta Bullock.

Gaucha, 39, fights daily for the inclusion of all deficiencies in sport and fashion.
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Samanta Bullock
At age 14 Samanta was the victim of a firearm accident and became paraplegic. For the girl who played tennis and began to take the first steps as a model, this might seem like a nightmare, but that was not what happened.

From an early age she was a class leader and captain of the handball team at school, and neither did the accident stop the girl, who has always been passionate about sports.

At the age of 19, Samanta went to Porto Alegre to attend the University of Odontology, but difficulties such as access to the site and the structure of the classrooms that were not adapted to the course did not give up.
wheelchair model samanta bullock pain chronic disabled
Simone Belo
"The wheelchair is a potentiator: if you are already a strong person, it will leave you even stronger, especially to run after your rights within society; if you are a weaker person, from the moment you are in a wheelchair you will think that your world ended there. "

She began to work in the Legislative Assembly of Rio 
Grande do Sul, where she went through various areas andwas transferred to Brasília to work in the Federal Senate, which coincided with her treatment at Sarah Kubitcheck, where she did all the rehabilitation.

During the work in the Senate she got a special tennis project for the disable,started attending twice a week and from there he only left to compete representing Brazil in 3 world and Paralympic Games in 2007, where she won a silver medal in double with Rejane Candida against the United States. 

wheelchair model box samanta bullockIn 2012, already living in England, participated in the opening of the Paralympics in London, where he made a presentation on a 4-meter-high sway pole with choreography packed with music by singer Rhianna; one more challenge against the limitation has been overcome.

With a life and stories of successes through sport, she now works in the Paralympics International Committee, Proud Paralympian program, assisting in the empowerment of Paralympic athletes, teaching lectures on sports values, career transition and preparing athletes for the life of a sportsman.
tennis wheelchair model samanta bullock pain chronic disabled 
Since she started playing tennis, Samanta also began to be invited to take pictures as a model for sponsors, wheelchair factories, brands of clothes for wheelchair users, and at that moment realized that she could resume her modeling career that she had left behind .

Her first parade after the wheelchair went to a jeans brand in Goiânia, after that other work began to emerge; has already campaigned for major brands and had the opportunity to parade in Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Turkey and London.
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She is the ambassador of Fashion Inclusivo, a program in Brazil that has more than 100 disabled models, from Models of Diversity, a fashion and beauty media company focused on any type of beauty, and Parallel London, the first inclusive race event in the world .

Her biggest accomplishment was parading at this year's London Fashion Week for Designer Louise Linderoth; the collection of jeans designed for wheelchairs made Samanta shine on the catwalk.
wheelchair model samanta bullock fashions finest louise clark
Samanta Bullock Fashions Finest Pict by @storiesbymartin
"Parading at London Fashion Week was the biggest thrill of my life, I waited 31 years for that moment."
For the future, Samanta plans a fashionable project in the area of ​​accessibility and continue fighting for accessibility in all areas.

Foto: Roy Ikoroha  / Peter Hogan / Ange Harper

Instagram : @SAMABULLOCK

Facebook : @samantabullockofficial


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My Adriana Chiari Experience

Being a Brazilian; Adriana Chiari was a magazine that I’d always wanted to be involved with. They inspire, motivate and empower women throughout the UK, which is where I live, but they’re a Brazilian magazine, which is where I originated from. Ultimately, it made perfect sense for me to collaborate with them. So, when I got the opportunity, I took it with both hands and was filled to the brim with excitement.

cover magazine samanta bullock wheelchair model disabled
Online Magazine Adriana Chiari

But, it was even more special that as I was the cover of the edition!

Now, talking about the issue; it is titled ‘Without Rules, Without Judgements’, and it’s designed to help curb the social stigmas that surround the female body. You see, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and women should feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. I was ecstatic to appear on the cover of this issue and my passion for fashion, healthy lifestyles and inclusion suited the subject perfectly.

Over the years I’ve done a whole host of different shoots and covers, but this was by far one of my favourites. The topic of the edition enticed so many gorgeous, inspiring and strong women to join me in the photo shoot, and we all worked in harmony towards a common goal – spread the word that beauty is present in the most diverse forms. For instance, there were women who were plus-sized, black, senior citizens and in wheelchairs – all celebrating diversity!

Heber Barros and Daniele Luquine, the photographers, did a wonderful job of capturing the most amazing moments. But, as I love fashion, it is no surprise that one of my favourite aspects of the cover was my time with experts Romana Pavaneli and Roseana Shekinah. They took care of me from the moment I got there and made my makeup look absolutely stunning. In fact, the two of them put everyone’s makeup on perfectly and also Sebastion London for his magnificent clothes.

Moreover, I mustn’t forget the brilliant work of Marilia Maciel – the journalist. Alongside my cover, I also have an article written about me, my journey and my commitment to empowering women. Marilia did a great job of conveying the message that I wanted to express, and putting her own professional twist on it.

Wheelchair model samanta bullock disabled
Adriana Chiari/ Rosa Goncalvez/ Lenne Moghadari/ Samanta Bullock

Oh, and all this wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the personal vision of the founder of the magazine – Adriana Chiari. She is the spearhead of this fantastic philosophy, and it was great to work with someone that has made such a difference for women like me, like you and like all the others within the population.

During my time there, I managed to record a vlog including all of the backstage footage of the shoot. There were also opportunities to interview some of the fantastic women that attended, and I capitalized on that! Anyway, if you’d like to see exactly what happens at an Adriana Chiari photo shoot, then watch the video by clicking on this link…

Reflecting on my experience with Adriana Chiari; I’m just so delighted to witness a shift in media perception of women. All of those social stigmas are slowly, but surely starting to diminish and this is vital for women around the world. The media should be promoting positivity and inclusion, not ostracising individuals for their appearance or body shape.

So, it’s crucial that the media continues to improve its view, and society will follow!

Here is the link for the full magazine: https://issuu.com/adrianachiarimagazine/docs/edi____o_10_adriana_chiari_-_br__33

Enjoy it!