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Just thought I’d let you guys in on one of my many experiences. Not so long ago I took my husband to a lovely health spa resort as a gift. It’s nice to leave the busy life behind and relax for a few hours — it helps to bring a balance back to your life and of course a sense of calm!

It was at this spa that I came across the idea of ‘spa slippers’. They are made out of rubber and are a one size fits all; they stick to the bottom of your feet. They are very handy especially if you have forgotten your flip-flops etc and they are also so hygienic – especially when you’re walking around by the pool or just simply when you’re in the steam room. I think they should consider branching this out to leisure centres etc! It was my first encounter with these ‘spa slippers’ to be it was revolutionary so I couldn’t help but take loads of pictures to capture the moment!

Of course as a disabled person – the benefits are a little minimal as you’re in your chair, but at least it means that my bare feet will not be touching the cold or hot metal of the chair. Especially if you’re going into a sauna it protects your feet from the hot metal of the chair and the surroundings.

There are also other advantages to these slippers for instance if you have a pedicure and the nail varnish isn’t quite dry you can put these on to walk around in! There are probably other advantages but have not come to mind!

If you would have come across these ‘spa slippers’ then feel free to comment or if you have general thoughts then please share them too!


Sam x

Spa Slippers – The new craze!

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