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When I was at ‘Teach Meet’ a few weeks ago giving a presentation  I met a Medical Detection Dog.  These dogs are trained to look after people who have seroious medical conditions.  The dogs are trained to use their natural sense of smell to let people know if they are becoming ill.

Cancer- dog
Cancer- dog

For example the dogs can be trained to know if someone’s blood sugar levels are too low or too high and they lick their owners hand to let them know and if necessary bring a special medical bag to the owner.  In an emergency they are trained to seek help from someone else. A dog’s sense of smell is a million times more powerful than a humans.

Check out the charity’s website: Medical Detection Dogs – http://medicaldetectiondogs.org.uk/index.html

Lets to be part of this programme and make the difference for many of lives needing a dog to have a normal life.


Sponsorship puppies in training
Sponsorship puppies in training

Together we can make it! Donate now.

Hugs and love

Sam xx

Sniff and Tell – Medical Dogs
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