Hi guys

As the world didn’t end on 12th December you can watch us in a Christmas production this weekend.

Tomorrow I will be performing at the Royal Festival Hall in Sequins and Snowballs.  We will be dancing to many popular Christmas songs. One of the directors, Jenny Sealey, was co-Artistic Director of the Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony.



The event takes place at the Clore Ballroom at the Royal Festival Hall Southbank Centre. There are 2 performances 0ne at 2pm and one at  5pm.


Come along and celebrate Christmas with us.  It is free. We will be waiting for you. It will be a pleasure to have you guys there with us.

Love Sam


P.S. Some of my fellow performers also worked with me on the Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony and here they are…..







See the pictures

Image by Alison Baskerville – All rights reserved

Sequins & Snowballs

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