Short, medium or long? Highlights or lowlights? Curley or straight? Tided back or loose? Or maybe no hair at all…this may be my next look! I love hair, and I love everything that involves hair! I try many homemade recipes for hydrating and looking after the hair… But I find it so relaxing to go to the hairdresser and enjoy a few minutes of a head massage…where I can just drift off and forget about everything that is happening around me….

I think you should change your hair according to ones mood.  I don’t know about you, but that’s what I think! For example in the summer, I like to have lighter hair and go a bit darker in the winter. But there is no rule! I guess I’ve already had my hair cut and styled in all possible ways. But, the one style I’ve never had is to go completely bald!!! It is definitely a bald statement (excuse the pun!) but it is an idea that I am beginning to warm to more and more.

I would like to go on a journey to learn and discover a little bit more about myself, and find out how other people really see me. To be honest, it’s not really that important what they think, but it is interesting to find out their point of view. I guess when you don’t have any hair, you have nothing to hide behind (no prop) you are exposed to everyone around you; but most importantly you can see yourself for what you really are!

Some totally disregard the importance of hair, but it actually plays an important role in our lives. Lets take for example a person who has been diagnosed with cancer. Once treatment has begun, they begin to loose their hair. For many this leaves a person feeling fragile. I don’t know whether this is due to the fact that the sickness is more apparent, (they can’t run away or ignore it) or they’re afraid of what is to come but also afraid of this new challenge! They have to confront reality and their true selves – the person they once were and the person they have now become. I apologise if my point wasn’t very clear…

I believe that taking this step must be done properly… I want the transition to be meaningful. I could go to the hairdresser and get it done, or even do it myself. But for me it needs to have an underlying spiritual connection. My path to discovery will probably result in a trip to Tibet… Who wants to join me in my journey?


Sam x

Reflection and Change…

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