Last June, “The Greenwich and Docklands Festival” presented a show, “Prometheus awakes” which I had the opportunity to be a part of.

The show was created by Graeae (a disabled-led theatre company) and La Fura Dels Baus (a Catalan theatre company). As part of the London 2012 festival, the entrance was free for everybody. 

The show itself is a reinterpretation of the Greek myth of the Titan Prometheus. Prometheus is represented as a giant illuminated walking man. The show also features a giant net (that’s where I was) and a big wheel, all brought to life by performers. It also includes visual effects that bring more to the story, and highlight the background that was the Royal Museums of Greenwich.  On the video below there is an explanation of the mythological story.

It was really an amazing experience. I was glad to take part in the show, as unfortunately it is quite rare that shows have the proper infrastructure that is needed for disabled people, so for them to have this awareness and initiative I must congratulate them!

The rehearsals lasted for four weeks and were really hard, sometimes in the cold and rain. And Greenwich is a long way away!

As you can see on the video I was suspended in a huge net high in the air. Let me tell you, that was scary! But the view of London was incredible …. And upside-down!
From the net you could see all the usual busy life of London, buses, traffic etc, from a really high reversed point of view! While it was a bit overwhelming it also provided such a sensation of freedom!

Overall it was hard work, but so rewarding and I loved to do it. Hope you enjoy the video so you guys can have an idea what it was about 🙂

YouTube link: Prometheus awakes




“Prometheus awakes” – THE SHOW!!!

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One thought on ““Prometheus awakes” – THE SHOW!!!

  • February 28, 2013 at 1:26 pm

    Most magical experience in my life…… And it was the spirit and determination of the whole cast that really made it magical foe everyone who came to see it x


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