16.01.2012                                                                         01 Who Let the Dogs Out

Hi guys,

Here’s another definitely English experience…It would never happen in Brazil or any where else for that matter!!! 🙂

Whilst visiting the great British outdoors, I found this particularly amusing…

The English countryside is extremely beautiful, but there was something that kept catching my eye, the doggie bin!


As I was ‘walking’ with my niece, every so often I would stumble across another one, there were so many of them! In England, legislation has been passed forcing dog owners to be more responsible and pick up after their dogs.  Doggie bins have been provided in an attempt to get dog owners to comply with the law. For those not complying and if caught, dog owners can be faced with a heavy fine! …Don’t think you can get away with it…if there’s no CCTV or policeman around..Britain is STILL watching you!

However, one thing did come to mind. How about a ‘normal’ bin for all other types of rubbish? I didn’t see any of those around. Emily had just finished eating an ice cream and had given me the wrapper. I looked at it and thought, could I use the ‘doggie bin’ to throw the wrapper away? I mean it made sense —  the other option would be to throw it on the floor. So the question is –  would I get fined for using the doggie bin? The likelihood, would be that I’d get fined either way! 🙂  

Lots of Love

Sam x





Posh or what…English dogs have their own bins!

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One thought on “Posh or what…English dogs have their own bins!

  • January 16, 2012 at 5:51 pm

    Sam, I think its ok thought away your paper in the doggies bin, but you gonna know the smell when you open it!
    Do you know why it isn’t on the grown? Because of “vira-latas”.
    Great experiences around the world!
    Lots of love,


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