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Do you know about PhotoAbility? It is a company where you can send your picture to them with you are disabled, in ordinary circumstances of your day, supermarket, beach, nice places, cooking, etc. The best pictures goes to the website and they will try to sell it for you.  Would like to make an extra income? Contact them. 🙂 Link is below.

Also you can take a look at the last news about the fashion bits in Russia. Fashion show and a competition for the best stylist around the world. Want be a model? They have all about it in they website. There we go!

Here is an article wrote by Scott, my expert friend on disabilities issues.





PhotoAbility.net: The Emergence of the Inclusive Tourism

Cultural Worker

By Scott Rains on November 1, 2012 12:10 PM


Q: Can creatives and cultural workers contribute to the work of Inclusive Tourism? Are they already doing it?
A: Yes and yes.
PhotoAbility represents a crowdsourcing solution to the lack of graphic representation of persons with visible disabilities in the marketing materials of business. Arising from within the travel industry (Push Living) the site offers royalties to photographers whose photos are purchased for ad campaigns and provide visibility for the many actors, models, and active travelers in the disability community.
Thumbnail image for Who is Photability.PNG
And who are some of the photogenic who are ready to be seen as part of the consumer market?
There is Brazilian model and wheelchair tennis player Samanta Bullock
Samanta Bullock.jpg
There is Axis Dance Company’s Joel Brown.
Joel Brown.jpg
The list, on PhotoAbility alone, is impressive and growing. As the pattern is recognized as the strong cultural force that it already is these photographers, videographers, fashion designers, musicians, and writers – these promoters of an inclusive culture – will only become better known.
In the literary realm the work goes on in “crip lit” – disability literature through the power of words. Critic Laura Hershey’s review from 2007 documents the slow steady impact being made. Read, The Dilemma for Disabled Authors
Meanwhile the travelogue sites in multiple languages see to it that greater visibility of PwD in one part of the world translates into personal presence of liberated people with disabilities in another part:


Now watch as fashion goes inclusive in Russia.


PhotoAbility and Fashion in Russia – by Scott Rains
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