One evening I was watching TV in the lounge when the news reporter came on TV about the football player who had fallen unconscious mid match.

When my husband walked into the room, I told him about the news report that had just passed. I was trying to summarize the story but my English vocabulary started playing tricks on me!

I used every word under the sun and within my knowledge to describe that the player had ‘collapsed’ on the pitch. But do you think the word ‘collapsed’ came to my head??? No, of course not, I used – he fell/fall, dropped, he came down, was not feeling well among others…As you have noticed I even got my tenses mixed up, so when all else failed I decided to act it out…

So whilst I was trying really hard to get the message across, my husband simply looks at me and says ‘oh yeah he collapsed!’ and I was like ‘collapsed, right, ok?!’ After spending ½ an hour trying to explain what happened, he said it all in 2 seconds, 9 letters, and 1 word…. COLLAPSED!

I felt as though my whole English vocabulary, had ‘collapsed’ excuse the pun right in front of me…and I was annoyed that he knew exactly what I was trying to say but thought it would be funny to see me pick out as many words as possible before he came out with it!!!! Typical… I still feel deflated by that silly word ‘collapsed’…it summarized how I feel about my English… I’ve been learning it for four years, but when I need it the most my English simply collapses!

This clearly shows how much I need to work on my English… :-/ Even when you think you’re doing well… there is always something that gets the better of you…but you’ve got to keep trying…

Anyway, on a serious note, I hope that Muamba (football player) makes a speedy recovery!

Love Sam x

Me and the English language….Eu e o meu inglês…

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