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Living in London, travelling around the globe, and being on the road. These are some of the privileges I really enjoy in my life. Sadly, these little pleasures take me away from the thing I love the most, I mean, my family that I left in Brazil. Thank God they invented the Internet! Thank God for the broadband, too!

The other day, my father showing me his new pets, Bebel e Leka. Both sooooo lovely!

That’s how I cut off the distance and feel my people much more closer to the heart.

It was my family just making me a little jealous, on the day I experienced joining into a party through a video call. No kidding!From that day on, every time my family hang out, I make an appearance. Believe it or not, works for me!

My nephew took a little longer to get used to this whole technology thing. He couldn’t help being surprised with my image on the webcam. He had to look behind the device ALL the time to make sure I really wasn’t there!!! Like yesterday, when I made a video call with my nephew (so cute, so cute!). Just love to see him grow, even through this veeery long distance!

I know, I know it is not the same as holding someone in person, but come on, can you even think how things worked BEFORE the availability of the web? Right, me too! 😉

Loads of distant kisses.



I heart the Web

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One thought on “I heart the Web

  • October 11, 2012 at 11:41 am

    que lindo post Sam, adorei……sim eh verdade que a saudade e a distancia das pessoas que nos amamos eh sempre muito grande, mas gracas a essa tecnologia a gente se sente um pouco mais pertinho, e gracas a ela pudemos nos encontrar o mes passado em Londres e pude te dar um abraco grande……beijos minha amiga linda……loviu


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