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On another of my many adventures in England…

This time, I found myself filling up my car with petrol for the first time. To many of you this may sound bizarre, but for us Brazilians we have the luxury of being served when we pull up to the gas station! (Of course you have to pay for this service, as with everything else in Brazil!). Yep, you got it; we don’t step out of the car! We just simply tell the assistant whether we need unleaded or diesel and they will do it for you. Once it’s full, it’s just a matter of paying and you’re off on your way to the beach! 🙂 

However, as we all know the UK is always different – There is no special treatment here! I actually had to get out of my car and fill it up myself! Not because I had to, as you can always call for assistance (Each pump has a call bottom that disabled people can use to call for assistance, should they need it of course!) but I wanted to try it out! And why not, I’m more than able! You could say I was like a kid trying out a new toy!

Once I filled my car I could either go and pay at the pay booth or pay by credit card at the pump itself. This is handy; it means you don’t have to walk over especially when it’s raining (which is a usual occurrence here!). In addition, if I’m having a lazy day I can just sit in my car and have it all done for me! What the heck, there has to be some privileges of being disabled! 🙂

Don’t even think about leaving without paying, that’s a no no…the police will be after you in minutes… remember Britain is WATCHING YOU!!!!

Love Sam x

Gas station ready for UK disabled drivers…my experience

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One thought on “Gas station ready for UK disabled drivers…my experience

  • January 31, 2012 at 5:48 am

    Amigaaaa, odeio esses postos que não tem frentista! acho um saco ter que sair do carro para abastecer afeee.preguiça! bjusss


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