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I would like to introduce you Tina “Descolada”. From Brazil to the world! WOW

She is adorable, brave, beautiful, wheelchair user with loads of courage, etc.


She lives in the realm of imagination where anything is possible. Kingdom of reality in which everyone knows what is possible to do.

You can know little more about this character whose “life “ is documented in the blog:

Tina ->  http://www.tinadescolada.blogspot.com.br

and Facebook ->  FB – Tina = Be my friend 🙂

Funky Tina:

Tina- Lake
Tina- Lake

Funky Tina’s name is Valentina and she was created in June 2012. She has Neuromotor Dysfunction (Cerebral Paralysis). Her name is Valentina because she was very brave to overcome the birth accident that gave her this condition.

Even though she needs a wheelchair to get around, she enjoys life, she likes walking around, travelling, dancing and sometimes she goes to unexpected places, even places that non disabled people have some difficulties to get to. This the reason she is also “funky”.

Climb- Tina
Climb- Tina

Funky Tina is a fearless young woman who isn’t afraid to take risks, but sometimes she gets stuck with obstacles that can only be overcome with “friendly help” so she can move forward.

Her first principle is to build a ramp of accessibility to people’s hearts.

Her motto is “Wheels that make me move on”

The character Funky Tina was inspired by the “Share a Smile Becky” doll manufactured by Mattel.

Look here the photo shoot Tina made in my tribute. Cute, no?!

Tina playing wheelchair tennis
Tina playing Wheelchair Tennis

I am fascinated about this idea and the concept.

Marta Alencar is the person who gives Tina Live. She is a Psychologist and Photographer and she has worked with people with a disability since 1986 in Belo Horizonte MG – Brazil.

In her career she has always listened to the complaints about pain and anguish from her patients and their families, which made her understand something about the issues these people were facing. Her feelings caused a transformation within her. The pain, prejudice, rejection and discrimination against disabled people that is present in Brazilian society was the inspiration for her to take some action.

As she work’s with many wheelchair kids, she think’s with a toy that has a visual representation of their situation is easier for them to identify themselves and talk about themselves to develop their conflicts.

Her experiences led her to publish an exclusive Photography Book: “Inclusion: Looks and Possibilities” and create a fictional character as an inclusion agent: Funky Tina.

Forest – Tina

Marta’s words: Tina’s foundation is exactly what as I wrote. It is about my experience and my desire to change people’s lives. Change the lives of those whom I have seen through the years. I currently work in a non for profit Institution that supports children with physical disability. Most of my patients are handicapped children and my idea was to create a mini handicapped doll so they can be able to identify to and talk about themselves to find out their conflicts.
For this reason I searched the internet and found Becky, (Barbie’s friend) that is a doll in a wheelchair. After the doll came in the mail and go into my hands, I went for a drive in the mountains of Minas Gerais and the doll was in the car, and so was my camera. I suddenly had the idea of snapping some shots of the doll as if it was a real person doing things humans do in the intent of “humanize” the doll. My goal was to show people who are not handicapped that it is possible to bridge the gap and reduce the bias and prejudice against the handicapped. Considering that Tina is a kind of metaphor for the word possibility.
As I wrote in my blog: ‘Funky Tina lives in an imaginary castle where everything is possible. In real life each person has to know and be aware of what is real and what is not.
The idea behind concepts and principles comes from a scene in the movie “Amelie” in which she takes her father’s garden gnome. Her father was very depressed and stayed inside the house all day long. She asked her friends to takes the garden gnome to different places in the world, just to make her dad get out of depression… I believe that scene was in hidden somewhere in my brain and surfaces when I created this character.

“ Amelie engages in doing little things to make people around her happier”.

I am the only producer to post in this blog, and what feeds my desire to continue doing this is my experience acquired during my 27 years of work. I already got some never before seen things to tell as I asked a 10 year old with cerebral paralysis I work with for some ideas and she suggested that Tina should get sick. Lol. I loved it!! This little girl likes to read poetry and I told her to write poems to cure Tina’s doll. The poem she has done is finished and as soon as possible I am going to create the scene and take a picture of it.

I am the photographer and also the one who chooses Tina’s clothes, most of the clothes I make myself…Lol. When I was young I used to sew clothes for my own dolls. I was born in the north of Minas on a farm and I didn’t have those toys that we can find today. Therefore I had to use my talents and be creative to transform simple things into magical ones.

Here we have an youtube video where you can find out more about Tina, but the talking is in Portuguese

Marta Alencar – Tina at BH NEWS

I hope Tina could come to meet us here in England and to know how hard it is to push in the snow.:-)

Tina built a ramp to my heart. Did she to yours?



Funky Tina – The Doll of Love
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3 thoughts on “Funky Tina – The Doll of Love

  • March 12, 2013 at 3:42 pm

    Obrigada querida Sam por me apresentar ao mundo. Me sinto mais forte e corajosa com o seu apoio e admiração.
    Um beijo
    Tina Descolada

  • March 12, 2013 at 3:45 pm

    Cara Sam obrigada por difundir minha idéia para “o mundo todo”.
    Que a Tina possa realmente construir uma rampa de acessibilidade em todos os corações por onde ela passar.
    um beijo
    Marta Alencar

    • April 16, 2013 at 10:51 am

      Marta a Tina ja construiu uma rampa enorme no coracao de muitos. Amamos esta linda “menina boneca” 🙂
      Beijo grande e muito sucesso pra voces!
      Sam xx


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