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Cartoons, I really love them and spent my childhood reading several of them. In Brazil they are very popular. Victor is an artist and created Febeca, this beautiful girl that he will talk a little more. An interesting design and that changed the perception of many people. Presenting to you guys to Febeca. The author Victor Klier will explain little more about this character.

There we go:

One day I had an idea and I decided to make a story in the comics style. I decided to use a group of characters different from the ones we already know. There are several characters and the girls are in the spotlight, but always accompanied by boys in their “adventures”.

Well, up to this point there is nothing special or different, right? The difference is in the fact that all main characters are handicapped or have some sort of disability. Thus being said, the “Turma da Febeca” (Febeca’s crew) was created. It is a kind of Little “Lulu” ( Brazilian character) mixed up with X-Man. The difference is that the characters do not have super powers or mutations; they are different and special because of their disabilities.


The stories present all the abilities, bravery, and personality of this super crew with humour.  In real life handicapped people do not experiment of face only their disabilities or difficulties, they have relationships, date, have fun, go out, study, etc.  It has become vital the importance of giving space to the voices of those who face discrimination.

Nowadays Febeca’s Crew has characters with polemic characteristics for standard patterns that cannot be ignored. The right to equality is a right for all, so we will meet homosexuals, atheistic, religious, orphans, and other kinds of people. As it happens in real life, we will have contact with diversity, and we will be able to reflect and discuss various topics. All these topics are relevant for a fair society.

Febeca Friends
Febeca Friends

In the case of Febeca, the entire audience deficient, adult, child and so on. This happens because there is, or there is few proposals like this. Disabled people want characters they can identify with and who are not poor things and not superheroes. They want to be normal people, but they have a different detail. As people who wear glasses and some do not.

Victor Klier


As you guys can see,  it is a very inspiring and fun work. Should Febeca come to England and “play” with us and our kids? I think so!! This project very well planned is coming to be also in an English format. YUP!!

Can’t wait to open a news paper or a magazine and read about Febecas adventures, more than that, to have a personage showing that is possible, is fun and is normal to be disabled. It will change the perception of many people.

Here is a picture of her in a sport scene.

Febeca – Sport

Loved it!!

Also here is Victor Facebook link in case somebody would like to enter in contact : https://www.facebook.com/victor.klier?fref=ts

Wonderful day guys.




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