Hey you! Missed you guys very much these days.

I am back from Brazil, where I spent the last 20 days visiting my family but also doing a lot of work! The trip was very special: I went to Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brasília, the capital of the country, where I did the most incredible participation in a very interesting fashion show project.

The event occurred last Monday, November 19th at a place called UNICEUB ( my ex-university ). It was called Fashion Inclusivo (Inclusive Fashion) and my role was to slide on the catwalk along with the most beautiful children you have ever imagined. This project started in 2010, in Sobradinho neighborhood at the beginning, in Distrito Federal (the state where Brasília is located).

The models are children with various types of disabilities, such as Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, etc. The main objective is to deliver or to bring back to them the self confidence and self esteem.

I know it is not necessary to say, but I must: I am absolutely in love with this event. If only people knew how important it is to these children to be themselves, to face their disabilities with courage and empowerment… Through projects like this they acquire sense of community, and learn how to deal with their own difficulties. It is a lesson they will carry for life!

With Angela Ferreira – The head of this wonderful project

It also stimulates critical sense, group evolvement, among other benefits. Finally, it brings comfort to their families, which learn to respect their potential without building a fence around the kids because of the obstacles. Parents leave the event with an open mind regarding their children’s achievements. A real blessing.  

I would like to say thank you for Gilberto Godoy, a “friends” of the project. He gave me my tickets to fly to BSB. Without you it wouldn’t be possible. Thanks, thanks, and thanks, my dear FRIEND!

I was sooooo happy to being part of this great initiative! You can see the result in these photo shoots and the videos. Oh, and there’s more: after the show, I gave some interviews for the major TV stations of the region.

Here is the link below:

Globo- Desfile  -> Please give a look. It is in Portuguese, but it is worth to see the catwalk and the kids 🙂

Felt like a star, really!!! 😉




Fashion Show – Brazil.. with Fashion Inclusivo

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