I am honoured to be part of these projects. I do strongly believe in their philosophy and support their message. I hope you can check it out and discover what these great people are doing to change the world.


Parallel London is designed for all abilities and ages. There’s no cut-off times and everybody can run together, side by side. Everybody will be given time to finish the race. We will provide free chip timers so you can record your time and aim to beat it next year.

Participants who require a helping hand can bring a friend or family member on the course. Here are our minimum age guidelines for those who require assistance: 100m = 1+ years 1km = 6+ years 5km = 9+ years 10km = 13+ years





Since 2012 the Agitos Foundation has become the leading global organisation for developing Para sport as a tool for changing lives and contributing to an inclusive society for all.

As a foundation, we also want to be an even more effective advocate of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The power of sport is the specific tool that we have for this.





The Inclusive Fashion project aims to awaken on issues involving style, elegance and fashion, also contemplating the needs of people with disabilities; raise awareness about the importance of aspects of self-care, clothing, creation of styles and their adequacy in social relations; share knowledge on the subject and demystify disability issues; to broaden the vision and consequent performance of partners and employees of the event on the potential of consumption of the population with disabilities and create the opportunity for new businesses based on social responsibility through products accessible to all.