Hello mates .. lovely guys..

I am back after the having some work done  on my house and now after this ‘rest’ I am  ready to come back to work .

Doing loads of things, small jobs, big ones, we really cant choose much, all the jobs are big in some ways, we always meet people, make friends, and most importantly we have loads of fun.

At the end of last year I did a job for a magazine;  just a few pictures – it was a wonderful day. What I really couldn’t have expected was it would be the cover of the magazine. I was very surprised when I got it.  It looks so nice.

Samanta Bullock
Samanta Bullock

It is a new magazine about disabled life and accessories for a better life. It is called ACCESS. If you are in UK and you would like to know a little more about how to have a quality of life,  you should sign up to receive the magazine. I recommend it.

To arrive in this position to be a cover girl, how much work we need to put in. Exercise, diet, nights without a nice glass of wine –  like that you can take the best pictures.

Hope you guys enjoy the cover.  I hope it will be the first of many :).. with love, passion and hark work things come through. We must always believe on our dreams.

Love X


Cover girl – Access Magazine 🙂
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