Samanta Bullock Fashions Finest Diversity & Fashion Panel

Launch of Samanta Bullock’s clothing line – ‘SB’

A fashion brand designing comfortable and stylish garments adapted to wheelchair users

A year ago, Samanta Bullock, found herself wondering what was the point of having more disabled models if there are no designers making clothes for them to wear? The wheelchair model took the matter in her own hands and started the project of a high-end, sustainable and inclusive clothing brand.

The main purpose of the line is to dress people for the seating position, the items are 

designed to be comfortable and useful as well as nice looking for both seating and standing positions. According to Samanta: “It’s not about being disabled or wheelchair user, it’s about to be beautiful and comfortable while you are in the seating position”.

Samanta decided on collaborating with different designers around the world to create a variety of collections for her customers. The brands she partnered up with are Rua Luja, London Organic, Bekoffee, Caroline, Gunda Hafner, Peter Twiss, Contessina London and Amaella.

Sustainability was equally important for her, so each garment is sustainable in its own way depending on the designer in order to embrace each one’s creativity. The whole creation process also let a central spot for inclusivity, which is, in fact, part of the social side of the sustainable process. The goal here is to be part of the slow fashion movement and to teach consumers that they need to invest in quality pieces that last for a while instead of quantity.

Launching two collections a year, the fashion line is only womenswear for now but the plan is to move on to menswear next year.

The London-based clothing line will be available worldwide from the 15th of June on the online shop at: A few of the pieces will also be in physical stores. 

Join the conversation on Samanta’s social media channels to learn more about her projects and to enjoy some fashion tips. Feel free to share with us any ideas, opinions, needs, and wants you have for the clothing line.

SAmanta Bullock ParaPanAm 2007 Silver Medal

Do you think the Paralympic and Olympic games need to merge?

I have wanted to broach this subject for a very long time. As you may know, I am a former wheelchair tennis player, having won a silver medal at the ParaPan Am Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2007 with my partner Rejane Candida, playing doubles.

Runway catwaklk Wheelchair model Samanta Bullock fighting for Inclusion. NYFW
Wheelchair model Samanta Bullock fighting for Inclusion. NYFW @Vinnette Grant

I have since become heavily involved as an activist for inclusion within the fashion industry – and will soon be launching my own accessible clothing brand, as well as giving frequent talks at universities, schools and conferences. Alongside this, I am also a Proud Paralympian Leader, working in collaboration with the Agitos Foundation and the IPC. Together we travel the world inspiring and teaching young athletes about the values and ethos of our movement. It is a beautiful and hugely important programme to be a part of.

Having now worked closely within both sport and fashion, it is evident that the latter has a lot of catching up to do in terms of inclusivity. The other day, I began thinking about a possible collaboration between a Parallel Inclusive Movement and fashion designers, with the hope of bringing more visibility to disabled models. However, it was here that I stopped in my tracks, and asked myself: why would I want to create a separate movement solely for disabled people. This would be entirely counterproductive – because I believe in a society whereby every human being, regardless of ability, race, gender and age, can co exist. This brought me back to the division between the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

samanta bullock wheelchair tennis model ireland
wheelchair tennis

Of course, there is no denying the incredible work the IPC has done for disabled people – everything from the sports we play, to the medals we are awarded, and recognition of the disabled athletes as athletes- and for that I am eternally grateful. However, living in the 21st century world of constant progress and reform, I cannot help but wonder why we need to separate these games in terms of ability? How would we feel about it being separated on the basis of gender or race? Perhaps it is purely a logistical issue? But most things are in some way a logistical issue, and most things can usually be solved. 

wheelchair model samanta bullock pain chronic disabled
Simone Belo- Adriana Chiara Magazine

As you begin asking these questions, it quickly becomes clear that disability is not actually the problem here at all – but instead the way society has taught us to think about it. Like most societal change, the foundations must begin in education. We need to teach children that difference is something to be celebrated, and difference is what makes our world the diverse, exciting place that it is.

I have been a wheelchair user now for twenty six years. I don’t want to be sixty years old and still having to talk about the same issues. The solution is clear and the solution is waiting for us. Let’s make inequality something of yesterday, and not for tomorrow.

woolly samanta bullock wheelchair model bucket list

Woovly- “A wheelchair, modelling and her fun Bucket List!” New Article.

I invite you to check Woovly’s new article called “A wheelchair, modelling and her fun Bucket List!”. A chance to know where I have been and what I have done until now. Get to know the several barriers in modelling and in sports that I had to break through to be where I am today, all the work I have done and as well as the work that is still to be done!
Despite being in a wheelchair for 26 years now, that hasn’t stop me from living my bucket list. At the age of 14 I was convinced about what was my role in this world but my accident changed things for me. I spent some years figuring out my new path, fell in love with tennis, which led me to fall in love with my husband, until I realised nothing could stop me from being who/what I have always wanted to be. A model!

samanta bullock wheelchair model woolly

The article mentions some talks and runways I did in the fashion industry. I have been working hard to achieve inclusion and representation in sports and fashion, giving visibility to the disabled community. I want to thank for the sweet comments left on the article and also to Woovly for helping me spread my mission! is an amazing platform where you can get thousands of bucket list ideas! You can create your own and connect with people with similar interests as you. Even if you have accomplished many things in your bucket list, you are welcome to share it too, there is even a exclusive section for you! 

samanta bullock wheelchair model woolly

A place for people with an “extraordinary enthusiasm towards life” they say. Share your story and be inspired by others, such a positive community to be a part of, don’t you think?

Much Love, Sam.

ADAPTDEFY Samanta Bullock Pic by Ange Harper

ADAPTDEFY! People who have not only adapted, but have gone beyond


I hope 2019 has started well.  I am sure it will be the year of awareness about inclusion and more and more people will join our cause or start something good. Surprises are on the way. 

I mainly came here to talk about a project that was launched last week and I am so happy to be involved with.  It is called Adaptdefy. It is a podcast talking about disabled people and how they are living full lives.

This idea came from Mike Brown who lives in New Zealand and became a wheelchair user a few years ago. He spent many years as an alpinist and yachtsman. He is also an entrepreneur driven to do good in the world.


He has  two current startup companies, adaptdefy and urigo and is the father of a 9 month old boy. Luckily for him he had inspirational disabled people to learn from and understand and develop different ways to do things. Social media is amazing in giving us the information we need and the motivation to live a more complete life. Mike is a husband, a father and an active guy that does not want to stop doing things. He is is willing to learn adaptive ways to to enable him to do activities and he will also share with us.


We recorded a pod cast at the end of last year while I was on holiday in Brazil. I was overwhelmed to see the website and all the interviews he has put together showing so many fantastic experiences from many different  people.

The definition of Adaptdefiers is People who have not only adapted, but have gone beyond and defied what they & others thought was possible

They included Joe Stone, Jezza Williams, Fillipe Kizu Lima, Darrul Tait, Tanelle Bolt and Ira Edwards.  You will have a taste of many activities such as fishing and skiing. 


I would love for you to hear my interview with an open heart and to listen to the podcasts of all these amazing people that are sharing their stories to give you information and change lives, and also to know more about Mike and his vision.

We hope we can help you and if you know someone that would benefit from this podcast don’t hesitate to share it. We are a strong community and as I always say “together we can”.