Adversity Is There To Overcome – Never Give Up

Adversity Is There To Overcome – Never Give Up

wheelchair model samanta bullock pain chronic disabled
Samanta Bullock Spoken London Fashion Week.

As someone that is frequently in front of a camera with a beaming smile, most people would assume that I’m happy 24/7. But, let me tell you, my life is far from perfect. No-one’s is. A smile in a picture can hide everything that is actually going on in your life, and how you portray yourself on Instagram doesn’t reflect the day-to-day. 

You see, being disabled throws up a plethora of challenges. Chronic pain is a daily occurrence and some days are a lot harder than others. However, just because my life isn’t perfect, it doesn’t mean I don’t pretend like it is. The key to being happy is making the most out of life, regardless of the situation that you’re in.

That’s why despite all of the pain, discomfort and difficulty, I always remain optimistic. The beauty of adversity is that you have a unique opportunity to learn and grow. You’ll evolve as you gain new experience.

wheelchair model samanta bullock pain chronic disabled
When the pain comes

You can obtain an endless supply of happiness from within, you don’t need to rely on external sources and materialistic things. 

We’re always in a position to smile and have fun, and there’s always hope that things can get better. Never, ever let difficult situations consume you, because the light at the end of the tunnel may be just around the corner. Living with chronic pain is far from easy, but my mind is in a healthy place which is why I’m content. 

Of course, we can only do our best. Bad days are inevitable. But, positivity and optimism are a far better option than choosing self-pity and negativity. So, think about how you deal with tough scenarios…

I tend to value and appreciate everything that I do have, rather than worrying about all the things that I don’t have. I source inspiration from all those that encourage and support me. I distract my mind with an amazing idea, rather than dwelling on the negative. I refuse to let disability and chronic pain define who I am. 

deficiency wheelchair model samanta bullock pain chronic disabled When you get stuck in a rut where everything looks bleak, just remember that it could always be worse. Life is a blessing, so I urge you to remain optimistic and do all you can to take pleasure in all the wonderful things that you currently have. Look at the bigger picture and never give up.

If you’re in interested in how I deal with chronic pain, then check out my previous article here.

Much love


10th Wedding Anniversary

10th Wedding Anniversary

Hi guys

mark samanta bullock Caricature wheelchair model couple picture
Our Caricature

I came here to share a little more about my life with you. Tomorrow Mark and I are having our 10th wedding anniversary. I hope to make a video talking about how we met with a few more questions I have been getting on my IG.

Mark, I want to tell you that it has been a wonderful journey to share my life with you. Even when I couldn’t speak English and all the funny situations we got through with that. We dream the same dream of  inclusion and a healthy lifestyle and it’s very special.

wheelchair model Samanta Bullock mark husband pool
Mark and I

I am grateful for all the moments we spend together, all of them, even the “bad” ones make us a strong couple, the good ones made us more appreciative of life. I just want to tell you, that you make my heart dance and life is much better shared with you.  You are not only my best friend but the person I admire as a professional  with all  your work to promote adapted sport and as an human being. I am so proud to be your wife. I am the luckiest one in the world and so blessed because of it.

This video is on My Brazilian Youtube channel and I thought I would share with you one of the best moments of my life.

I need to say a special thanks to my cousin Moacyr for put this video together.

What I would say to finalise is: Believe in love, it will always find you.

Much love Sam

Mark samanta bullock wheelchair model cover magazine adriana chiari
Adriana Chiari Magazine Pict by Simone Bello Photography
samanta bullock wheelchair model parallel global london
Mark & I
London Fashion Week Allowed the Industry to Make Huge Progress

London Fashion Week Allowed the Industry to Make Huge Progress

bbc news victoria lucy todd wheelchair model samanta bullock fashions finest louise clark
BBC News- Samanta Bullock

For years, the fashion industry has been saturated with stigmas and stereotypes; female models were expected to look a certain type of way. The incredibly thin frame and long legs was considered the perfect appearance. But, that meant every other style of beauty was neglected, and the fashion industry started to become an unhealthy environment.

On a positive note, changes have started to be made in recent times. Those with unique physical traits, disabilities and ‘different’ appearances are now being celebrated more for their beauty. At the last London Fashion Week, diversity was rife. Lucy Todd covered the whole event and composed a wonderful article which was posted on the BBC News website.

Having witnessed the Fashion Week first-hand, it was amazing to see so many individuals having the confidence to step on the catwalk and feel like they belonged there.

wheelchair model samanta bullock fashions finest louise clark
Samanta Bullock Fashions Finest Pict by @storiesbymartin

Moreover, it was refreshing to see the event capture the interest of the mainstream media, which is a huge step in the right direction.

Respected people from within the industry also acknowledged and welcomed the changes that were occurring in the industry. Kate Moss said, “There’s so many different sizes and colours and heights. Why would you just be a one-size model and represent all of these people?” I completely agree with those comments, because beauty shouldn’t be restricted to one category.

Legendary designer Steven Tai was one of those that strived to have an impact by deliberately choosing models that had noticeable skin blemishes or physical disfigurements. However, like Todd’s article discussed, the UK scene is still miles behind the US. New York has been promoting diversity for a while, and actively utilize models of different shapes, sizes and appearances much more frequently than the UK.

I’m proud to say that I was included in the article, which I have to thank Caryn Franklin for. It was great to be at Fashion’s Finest once more and it was made much better being able to wear a stunning collection by Louise Clark. 

wheelchair model samanta bullock fashions finest louise clark
Pict @storiesbymartin
Fashions Finest
Designer Louise Clark

From a personal standpoint, the event was magnificent, and it truly feels like major change is going to happen in the industry. Oh, and it’s crazy to be featured in the article alongside the one and only – Victoria Beckham! 

Check out the article on BBC News if you have a spare couple of minutes.

“If you don’t show people in a wheelchair or disabled people in magazines, it’s like we don’t exist,” she says. “A few years ago it was the same for black people, or gay people. It’s the right thing to do to show all different types of people.  Sam

With Madelaine Stuart / Markus Clarke / Marcela at Fashions Finest
With Madelaine Stuart / Markus Clarke / Marcela at Fashions Finest
Personal Style for Wheelchair Users with Yvonne Phillip – Part 3

Personal Style for Wheelchair Users with Yvonne Phillip – Part 3

Hello guys.

Palta Clothes Pic AKHussainPhotography samanta bullock wheelchair model disable richmond
Palta Clothes
Pic AKHussainPhotography

Here is the thirty part of my video with Yvonne Phillip. In this video we will be talking about tops and jackets. She will explain the body shape and why few things could work and others No, according with the body shape.

Yvonne Phillip is a Personal Stylist and her social media is YvonnePhillipLifestyle on IG / Facebook and Yvonne Phillip on Twitter,

As I said I really hope we can help you and if you are not a wheelchair user send the video to someone you think will benefit from it and we can be all more elegant around the world 🙂

I tried to make the video fun and succinct. Let’s rock guys.

Much love Sam x

Love love