How to Adapt to Being Disabled

How to Adapt to Being Disabled

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No-one ever dreams of being disabled, but millions of unfortunate people face the transition every single day. During the initial stage, you’ll no doubt face a ton of emotional stress, mental struggles, and physical discomfort. At this point, most disabled people have very little motivation for life, because they feel it will never be the same.

Now, while it may not be the same, you can still live life to the full. You can still create amazing memories, find true happiness and forge amazing relationships. You just need to endure the difficult phases, have faith in the process and do your best during the transition. To provide you with some help, here are some things to consider…

Take your time

It’s natural for those with disabilities to fear the worst because they just see the short-term changes that cause them distress. They fail to focus long-term, which would empower them to realise things can – and will – get better. Just remember to take your time and approach things at your own pace.

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Back Exercise at Gym

Focus on what you can do

You’ll probably concentrate on all the things that you can no longer do, right? That’s what causes the most emotional distress; the realisation that you can’t do things that you once found easy. Rather than dwelling on those, just focus on all of the things that you can still do. 

Accept help

You may well lose a certain amount of independence with a disability, but you never lose your pride. That pride can sometimes prevent those who need help to reject it, simply because they so desperately want to be able to do it themselves still. Come to terms with your disability and accept help from those around you.

Proud Paralympian samanta bullock wheelchair model
Proud Paralympian

Find a community

There’s a countless number of people who are in the same situation as you or have been through the challenges that you face. Whether it’s online or in your local area, just find a support group of people that you can talk to on a regular basis. When you do that, you’ll realise that you’re not alone.

Be positive

All of the negative energy that you’re full of is hard to eradicate considering your position, but you still need to try and remove it. Search for all the positives in every situation, rather than allowing the negatives to affect you. Being positive will help you massively through the process.

Believe: You will be fine!

It’s important to leave our thought, questions, and suggestions on the comments. Let’s build a strong community together. Love Sam

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Acroyoga X Wheelchair User

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Sailing for Wheelchair Users – A New Experience for me

samanta bullock sailing wheelchair user sport

Hello guys.

How are you doing? A few weeks ago I tried a new sport. I filmed it all so you could understand how I did it.

It was challenging to go on the water and transfer to the boat. They have volunteers to assist and they make your life much easier. I have friends from tennis that invite me all the time but it was through Fiona G that sent a message to my husband on Linkedin and made us very interested.

It is an open session that takes place every Thursday at Queens Mary Sailability here in London. I didn’t know they had that facility. What a great place.

Please take a look at the video and let me know if you have any questions or comments.

samanta bullock sailing wheelchair user sport
With Fiona G.



Family weekend – Wheelchair Lifestyle

Family weekend – Wheelchair Lifestyle

samanta bullock wheelchair model suffolk family hand bike

I came to live in England 11 years ago because my husband is English. At that moment it was what made sense for us, as I was playing tennis and I could live in anywhere in the world and travel to tournaments.

daisy samanta bullock wheelchair model suffolk family hand bike
Daisy chain

When we met my nieces were very young. Anna was 6 months Emily was two years old. I loved the girls from the start and my husbands family became my family as it should be. Emily is now a teenager and Anna is eleven,  and we love to spend time together.samanta bullock wheelchair model suffolk family hand bike

All of our English family is from Suffolk and I took the opportunity of the bank holiday weekend and a ballet performance to make a vlog and show you guys a little bit of our routine with the ones we love deeply.

I am very happy to share with you the activities we did over the weekend.

Loads of Love – Sam

Parallel Global – Come and join us!

Parallel Global – Come and join us!

samanta bullock wheelchair model parallel global london
Parallel Global

As you probably know I am an ambassador for Parallel Global, formerly Parallel London. Parallel is growing & spreading to other cities.  If you don’t know Parallel Global it is a fully inclusive set of races for all ages and abilities with no cut off times. Participants can choose between a 10K, 5K, 1K, 100m, 3K walk (new) or the Super-Sensory 1k and take part in a festival of inclusive activities.

For the first two years it took place in the Olympic Park in London and this year it will be announced soon. It has just been announced that Parallel Glasgow will take place on the 2nd September in George Square.
samanta bullock wheelchair model parallel global londonIt is a fun day, where family and friends get together to do some activities and enjoy the festival. There is also the opportunity to try different sports and activities.  You should check it out at their website It is a true celebration of diversity and inclusivity.
Last I had the experience of giving a “Parallel Beats’ talk with my husband around our experience in inclusive sport:

We did the Super-Sensory 1k together, I loved the bubbles and I am sure you will love to be part of it too. Come and join us!
I hope to see you at a Parallel event. Love Sam x samanta bullock wheelchair model parallel global london

samanta bullock wheelchair model parallel global london
Bubbles Experience.

samanta bullock wheelchair model parallel global londonsamanta bullock wheelchair model parallel global london

samanta bullock wheelchair model parallel global london
Mark & I
samanta bullock wheelchair model parallel global london
Bertie and I