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Just thought I’d add a short post about bath bombs!

So have you got any plans for this weekend? Well, how about enjoying a nice long relaxing bath with a bath bomb, or alternatively enjoy a little science experiment with the kids!!! This keeps the kids entertained for hours, with the different smells and the different colours of the water… The fizzy part is always the most exciting especially when there are special surprises inside!!!

Bath bombs come in many different colours and scents, depending on what you fancy. Try the avocado, lemongrass and olive oil bath bomb – this is a great fragrance if you’ve had a rough day and your mind is blocked. Or how about the ‘Sex Bomb’ for those romantic evenings in with that someone special – sage, jasmine and ylang ylang will surely get the heart racing with the aphrodisiac oils… 🙂 You can use the bath bombs as a therapeutic alternative…for instance if you’re a feng shui believer…

I recently went to LUSH (www.lush.co.uk) and bought the ‘Think Pink’ bath bomb for my niece… we were surprised to find pink heart confetti in the bath when the bath bomb fizzed up… she was amazed by the surprise and this kept her entertained for a while! 😉

Their primary ingredients consist of weak acid and bicarbonate base – and they only fizz up over a period of several minutes when dropped into water. This gives a nice tickling pleasant sensation to the skin…. Have a try you might just enjoy it!!!!

You can even make your own…have a look at this website http://www.teachsoap.com/bombs.html …once you’re a professional you can add your own ingredients and make your very own Bath Bomb!!!!


Love Sam x

Bath Bombs!

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