With a background in fashion, I am passionate about inclusive fashion and leading a healthy and active lifestyle. I live in London and am sharing my knowledge and life experiences to raise awareness of inclusion, fashion, and healthy lifestyles. I have been in a wheelchair since 1992 and played wheelchair tennis from 2003 until 2009 representing Brazil and winning a doubles silver medal at the 2007 Para Pan Am Games.

I am living proof that a wheelchair does not have to be an obstacle to achieving any of my goals. Born in 1978 in Osorio-Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, my life changed forever at the tender age of 14 when a bullet wound left me paraplegic.

Before my injury, I was a model and was very active, playing handball and tennis. Since my accident I have worked in politics played tennis at the highest level and performed in the 2012 Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony among many other achievements. I can now look back proudly at what I have already achieved since my accident and have every reason to feel optimistic about the future.    

I have had the chance to participate in London Fashion Week, Fashions Finest, International Dubai Fashion Week, Spoken London Fashion Week and London Alternative Fashion Week. I have also been in fashion shows in Portugal, Brazil, Spain and Turkey. 
As part of my journey to make fashion more accessible to everyone and more representative I have been speaking in a number of conferences, events and schools. Fashion has the power to normalise things and embrace equality.  Its has been hard work pushing for inclusion but a meaningful one and I am making it part of my journey. 
I invite you to be part of it, to work in the direction of more inclusive world. To make this new generation understand that all differences are welcome. Be with me, your opinion and presence are needed and I am happy to share my journey with you. 



“Having worked on various projects with Samanta since 2010, we have found her to be exceptionally professional and a pleasure to work with. She always brings a fantastic energy to shoots and that energy has translated into a number of fantastic images that are used by Invacare across the globe today.” – Iain Gethin – Experienced Marketing & Communications Professional at Invacare Corporation

It is exciting and refreshing to see so many talented and ambitious young disabled people succeeding in today’s society; who do not allow any barriers to hold them back. I have no doubt that Sam’s trailblazing attitude towards diversity and inclusion over recent years has played an important role in this growing emergence of confident disabled talent. But it is the world of fashion, where I think Sam has had some of her greatest influence. Her style, grace, and elegance makes us think of disability in an entirely different way and is contributing to making a whole industry re-think how it can make fashion more inclusive. Sam’s zest for life and adventure has also made her a natural ambassador for Parallel London; where her passion and knowledge for inclusive fashion is helping to shape part of our cultural strategy.-Andrew Douglass, Founder, Parallel

Samanta Bullock is a motivated, forward thinking and brilliant mind. Wheelchair Model, Consultant and Public Speaker with lots of knowledge in her field, she’s got a very strong work ethic, unparalleled analytical, and problem-solving abilities. Samanta Bullock leads by example with enthusiasm and dedication, always inspiring and motivating others. She showed a high level of skills, being dedicated, motivated, and results-oriented, and also a valuable contributor to a working environment. Through the years, we worked on various projects and I was impressed by her talent to perform a great job. She is an asset to any organization and I’m proud to have her as a close contact. – Cleide Oliveira – Metáfora Comunicação Integrada. www.metaforadigital.com 

Samana Bullock and a fantastic human being, life history lead us to reflect that we should be grateful, social inclusion is part of our daily life and we are the ones responsible for making this world a place where everyone has their place in the sun, follow the example of this superwoman and our duty. Thank you for sharing your claw with us, and your strength of will is always so incredible.- Adriana Chiari – Adriana Chiari Magazine