Hello guys.

Today I am in Norway. I came with my husband to know the place and to help him to demonstrate on wheelchair tennis. We meet with the Norwegian Sport Federation yesterday, talking about how to develop the sport on this wealthy country.imageimageI’mToday we are on Tennis Association Coaches Conference with around 80 coaches and the presentations already started.

imageTennis for kids, wheelchair, and many others subjects will be discussed today with Mark presenting on wheelchair tennis with the aim of raising awareness in the coaching community and stimulating growth of the game. Mark Kalkman Dutch coach is going to present on technical development.

Let’s hope that from here on things are going to move forward and we will maybe have an international wheelchair tennis tournament here soon, so you guys can come to appreciate not only the tennis but this amazing, well organised and cold country ( maybe you could try skiing as well).

Fingers crossed.


Hoje estou na Noruegua. Eu vim com meu marido para conhecer o país e para ajudá-lo a demonstrar o tennis em cadeira de rodas. Ontem nós tivemos uma reunião com a Federação de Esporte da Noruega, falamos em como disseminar o esporte neste rico país. Hoje nós estamos na Associação de Tênis – Conferência para Técnicos, com mais ou menos 80 técnicos presentes.


Vamos ficar na torcida  para que logo tenhamos mais um torneio de cadeira de rodas neste lindo, organizado e gelado país, talvez esta seja a chance para dar uma esquiadinha.

Dedos cruzados.

Abraços, Sam


Tennis Conference- Norway- Conferência de Tênis – Noruegua

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